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Here’s toddler Elsa’s reaction to the John Lewis 2015 Christmas advert:

Click to see the Star Wars parody too.

This is my attempt to make houmous for my daughter and my one-expression review of my own efforts:

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Click for more ways you know you have a middle-class child.

Here’s my first vlog for Dad Channel:

Brian the Robot from is hugely offensive:

19 month-old Elsa took on Mastermind at her specialist subject:

Elsa picked our horse for the Grand National:

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The one she chose came last of all of the ones that finished, however, that 12 could actually have been a 21 which would instead have been third-placed Monbeg Dude! Perhaps she is a better tipster than her dad. She couldn’t be much worse.

When we learnt about Passive Aggressive Toys:

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Have you discovered the parenthood equivalent of the delight that comes with breaking the seal on the coffee jar?:

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The New Baby Dawn Chorus is one of the things you learn before baby turns one:

[vine url=”” width=300 height=300]

The Hollywood fad for RIE Parenting:

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Why you should never watch What to Expect When You’re Expecting when you’re expecting:

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