New Laws Allow Expectant Dads Time Off For Scans

Baby scan
“I don’t think this HD is working”

New laws coming into effect today in the UK will allow expectant fathers to take unpaid time off to attend prenatal appointments with their other halves. Dads-to-be will be allowed two absences of up to 6.5 hours each including travel time to spend at scans and midwife appointments, giving them plenty of time to come up with a better excuse for tearing up than “it’s a bit dusty in here”.

The rules will also apply to partners of either sex in what the hilariously carefully worded document describes as an “enduring relationship” although it doesn’t state how the enduringness* of a relationship may be tested.

Potentially fathers-to-be might have to sign a declaration confirming that they have a “qualifying relationship” with the woman in question and includes those attending appointments with a surrogate too.

Overall the development is news that will be welcomed by most although presumably sensible employers have been allowing this already.


* Yes, that really is a word.




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