jim and elsa
Jim and Elsa, aged nine months. Her not him.

Hiya, I’m Jim Coulson, sometime radio presenter at Pulse 1 in West Yorkshire having formerly talked and played records at Kerrang! Radio, Viking FM, XFM amongst others, sporadic stand-up comedian, writer of sorts and now dad to Elsa.

The idea for this site came from reading a whole heap of baby books when we were expecting and realising even before the birth that they were talking a proper load of old nonsense. As every adult is different with varying needs and wants, so is every baby, toddler and child. That’s obvious, right? It seemed so to me but all of these books seemed to think that you could lump all babies into a gigantic pigeon hole. A very noisy pigeon hole.

Gina Ford, the Baby Whisperer and whoever it is that wrote What to Expect When You’re Expecting and, therefore, is responsible for that horrific film, have all made vast fortunes on the flimsy premise that parenthood is easy and that there are solid answers to every issue. Not a chance…

It’s okay to be bewildered, being a parent is a world of bewilderment. Don’t trust anyone who says they have it sorted, the big secret is that no one actually knows what they’re doing so let us revel in that. This website might not have any solid advice on how to soothe a teething baby at 3am but it will hopefully entertain, amuse and/or educate you whilst you try to abate the screaming or maybe at work the next day when you’re trying to stay awake to at least give the impression to your boss that you’re still a functioning human being.

Expect parenthood news, celebrity dad insight, guest blogs from fathers who have a story to tell, reviews and stuff to make you laugh. If you have anything you want to contribute, any feedback you’d like to pass on or anything else then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Other than that, have a look round, bookmark the site and tell your friends. Embrace the bewilderment.



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