Pink Pig Farm Scunthorpe Family Day Out Review

The Pink Pig Farm Scunthorpe invited us to spend the day on the farm and report back. Although the kids and I usually concentrate on the delights of family friendly Yorkshire, we popped over to North Lincolnshire. After all, it is my home town so was a great way to tie in a review with a family visit.

When I used to present the breakfast show on the local radio station, we worked a bit with the Pink Pig Farm. I enjoyed our time, but it was pre-children and I don’t think I truly appreciated what they offered. It’s also a number of years ago now, and the owners have added even more elements to the venue. Here is our video review of the Pink Pig Farm near Scunthorpe:

Pink Pig Farm Scunthorpe Activities

The Pink Pig Farm near Scunthorpe provides you with plenty of options when you arrive. I’m generally terrible at making decisions when offered a wide choice, but the kids are much more single-minded. Obviously, they most often wanted to do two separate things, but at least it narrowed down the field. Here are the activities on offer at the Pink Pig:

The Animal Trail

Yes, a farm has animals. Who knew? You can even take a tractor ride out to the porcine inhabitants that give the attraction its name. My “oh look, their rooms are like a pig sty too” gag to the kids fell on deaf ears. I’m sure it is because they were engrossed in the excitement of the tractor ride because otherwise they’d have guffawed heartily. Right?

Pink Pig Near Scunthorpe - Animals

There are also goats, donkeys, sheep and llamas. Or alpaca. I’m not entirely sure how you tell them apart.

The Play Barn

Inside the play barn at the Pink Pig Farm, there is a brightly coloured soft play centre. It contains rope bridges, steps, giant dangly punchbag type things (official title), slides and more.

Pink Pig Scunthorpe - Soft Play

Once I’d spent ten minutes squeezing my way through the child-sized obstacles, two-year-old Seth built up enough confidence to chase after his six-year-old sister Elsa alone and I could retreat back to the table and a replenishing coffee. That counts as my exercise for the week, right?

Pink Pig Family Day Out - Soft Play

Piggy Tail Lane

Piggy Tail Lane is a fun idea. It’s a room filled with different themed play areas, complete with costumes and accessories. Seth made off for the tractor workshop, sporting a bumble bee costume from the dressing up rail. Elsa squeezed herself into some tiny princess shoes and headed for work in her own hipster coffee bar.

Pink Pig Farm - Piggy Tail Lane

I sought out all the foam bricks from the construction bit, pretended they were weighing me down as if they were real bricks and then threw them at the kids who had not been hoodwinked and did not find it remotely funny. Must have still been thinking about that tractor ride.

The Pink Pig Farm claims this is the first play area of its kind in Lincolnshire and it is definitely a great idea. Elsa and Seth let their imaginations run wild and had a brilliant time. Unfortunately, Elsa got my coffee order wrong, but you can’t have everything.

Pink Pig Farm Scunthorpe - Vet on Piggy Tail Lane

More Outdoor Activities at the Pink Pig Farm Scunthorpe

As well as the animals, there are a range of outdoor activities at the Pink Pig Farm. Kids can play on toy tractors, explore a maze of tunnels, bounce on a gigantic bouncy pillow, take on the Arial Trail, whizz down slides, cruise round in go karts and hurtle down the toboggan run. The last of which I was most jealous of.

Family Day Out at the Pink Pig Farm Scunthorpe

The Pink Pig gifted us the tickets, but they have no say over the content of this review. Thankfully we did have a great family day out at the Pink Pig Farm Scunthorpe.

There was plenty to do, the staff were friendly and helpful and the food was good. Seth had a minor meltdown because he only realised he wanted the same meal as his sister once the food came out but, food envy apart, the dining experience was positive.

Find out more about the Pink Pig Farm at their website and check out our other reviews for family friendly activities.

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