Bewildered Family Guide to Yorkshire – Saltburn

Series 3 of the Bewildered Family Guide to Yorkshire kicks off with Saltburn. Technically Saltburn-by-the-Sea. It’s at the top of North Yorkshire; so far north in fact that it comes under the obsolete county of Cleveland on the map I use to illustrate these videos.

Elsa, Seth and I took a trip in the sunshine to the home of X Factor star James Arthur, and this is what we found:

How Family Friendly is Saltburn?

It turns out that Saltburn is very family friendly. Obviously it helped that the weather was stunning and that it was a school day (we won’t be able to do that soon), but the beautiful beach was almost deserted.

We enjoyed the pier, the Valley Gardens and the solitary amusements, as you can see in the video. There wasn’t time to talk about the Whitby Jet black ice cream we ate (I might stick the video of that on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Myspace as a special extra).

Also, there’s a brilliant campaign on the seafront to encourage visitors to clean up after themselves. They have a couple of communal grabbers and refuse bags that you can borrow to do your bit of tidying.  There’s a hashtag and EVERYTHING (#2MinuteBeachClean). It’s a great way of keeping a gorgeous place clean and encouraging families to take pride in the place.

Bewildered Family Guide to Yorkshire - Saltburn - 2 Minute Beach Clean

More to Do in Saltburn

I am planning to go back when the Cliff Lift is open and when the little train in the Valley Gardens is open. There are also a couple of ace looking cafes that I want to try. We didn’t have enough meal times in the town to be able to explore them all.

Bewildered Family Guide to Yorkshire

All the Bewildered Family Guide to Yorkshire videos are available on the main Yorkshire page, and keep an eye out for some exciting Family Guide news coming soon!

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