Count the Hidden Channel 4 TV Show Titles – The Virtues of Yorkshire

Channel 4 are in the process of moving to Leeds. This great news for Yorkshire, but it’s just a shame that many employees chose not to come up north. For those that are heading our way, I made a video detailing the virtues of Yorkshire featuring 52 Channel 4 TV show titles hidden in the script – have a look and try and spot them all.

Did You Spot the Channel 4 TV Shows?

Here’s the script, with the hidden titles hightlighted:

Hi Channel 4, news for your employees coming up north. Pour yourselves a regular-size cup of Yorkshire tea for [T4] a start, sit back, relax and watch the rest of this video.

Channel 4 staff have been leaving behind their friends in London as they get on the tube for the last leg of their trip on the Circle Line to Kings Cross, ready to visit one of Britain’s most historic towns and take over TV from Leeds.

The countdown is on until the new offices are open in the old Majestyk building but the word is a few drifters aren’t going to make that trip which would be a catastrophe.

Still, as we say around here there’s nowt so queer as folk.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to make this video to show off the virtues of Yorkshire using as many Channel 4 TV show titles as possible. So get your game face on and see if you can count them all but, you might want to go back to the start because you’ve already missed quite a few.

This is England at its finest, with amazing spaces such as the Yorkshire Dales and Yorkshire Moors on your doorstep. Take a coach trip into the countryside and breathe in the fresh air. You’ll feel ten years younger.

But it’s not just about country living, we have vibrant and exciting cities too in this northern utopia. You get the best of both worlds.

If you’ve ever hunted for an affordable home in London you’ll be surprised how much easier it is to get on the property ladder here in Yorkshire. For the same price as a cramped flat in Zone 4 in London, where you have to sleep four in a bed to be able to split the mortgage affordably, you could get a place like this up here.

For you rich London types, you don’t have to decide between coast vs country. As well as a home near Leeds, you might even be able to afford a place by the sea in one of the many beautiful Yorkshire resorts
spaced along the coast, such as Saltburn or Whitby.

It’s all about location, location, location and, let’s face it, if you live in Leeds and you’re in the media, you’re most likely to be in Chapel Allerton.

There’s a bustling town centre and loads of places to eat, whether it’s a big breakfast, a light lunch, or your Friday night dinner. Of course we call it Friday night tea round here but that’s a debate for a different day.

Oh yeah and if you find Sunday brunch on a menu I know that is cultural appropriation from you southerners and I’m sorry. No offence.

No matter what the papers say it’s not grim up north, it’s not the dark place you read about in dispatches. We’re humans, we’re not misfits, we’ve got feelings and that sort of stuff can really get a man down because those articles aren’t true.

But there’s loads of great talent around here who can help you with building the dream, So get their contact details in your little black books and check out the best bits of our area.

Visit our cutting-edge art galleries and museums. Try our bars and pubs in the day or after dark. There’s also the mass of restaurants that make Bradford British curry capital.

Don’t @ me Birmingham, you know I’m right.

You could take some great canal journeys. There’s also plenty of car boot sales because where there’s muck there’s brass. Aye [Brass Eye], and lots of other stuff too.

Whether you’re the toast of London or you were made in Chelsea don’t let the accident of your birth or career stop you from embracing the opportunities up north with glee.

And if you want anymore help with stuff to do with the kids around here you can check out my YouTube channel for the Bewildered Family Guide to Yorkshire

Now, that’s not a Channel 4 TV show title yet but we can work on that when you get settled in.

Sorry, that was shameless.


Oh, yes. There is also a bonus visual title too. Can you spot it? If not, scroll down this page and I will reveal where it is at the end!

Filming This Channel 4 Video

I have been working on this for months and I was in two minds about releasing this now. On one hand, people are actively looking for interactive and distracting content currently. Lockdown means that we need all the immersive entertainment we can get. However, I realise that encouraging people to visit different places around the county isn’t really in the spirit of Stay Home Stay Safe and all that.

Obviously, DO NOT VISIT THESE PLACES UNTIL WE ARE OUT OF LOCKDOWN. I don’t believe people would do because of this video, but in this age of Twitter pile-ons, I want to cover my back.

Another reason to put it online now was that, if I don’t, the relocation process will be over and it won’t be relevant! I had intended to get it out at the end of last year, but work took over and, as this was fairly complicated to put together, it fell by the wayside. To prove how long I’ve worked on it, here’s the script I’ve taken with me all around Yorkshire for filming:

Crumpled Channel 4 Script

What Channel 4 Staff Can Expect

This isn’t just a silly game to keep you entertained, however. There is a serious point. Channel 4 coming to Yorkshire is great for Leeds and the surrounding area, as it is already starting to kickstart a creative hub on this side of the Pennines. But it is also a real opportunity for those Channel 4 employees who are coming up too.

Beautiful Countryside

First of all, even in the centre of Leeds, you’re mere minutes away from the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. When you’re in the centre of London, you can travel for an hour and still be stuck somewhere in London. Even then, once you’re out of London, you’re in the South, where the countryside is proven to only be 32% as stunning as it is in Yorkshire.*

We’ve got Brimham Rocks, the Cow and Calf above Ilkley, the Yorkshire Moors, the Yorkshire Dales and so much more. All on your doorstep.

*My figures, plucked out of the air. But I stand by them.

Vibrant Cities

It’s not just the rural stuff, though. Cities like Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, York and Hull have so much to offer. They’re all unique, all have their own quirks and history, but all provide fantastic shopping, popular activities, exciting night life and everything else you could want from big urban centres.


We have many of the country’s leading museums and art galleries within the boundaries of Yorkshire. Whether it’s the National Railway Museum in York or the Yorkshire Sculpture Park near Wakefield. From Salts Mill in Saltaire, home


You know those pints you buy in London pubs? You could get a three bed semi in Yorkshire for the same price. Okay, not quite, but you will definitely notice the difference when it comes to the cost of living and the size of property you can snap up for your dollar here, compared with the same price bracket in the capital.

Other Stuff

I could go on all day explaining why Yorkshire is better than London, but you can find out for yourself when you can explore again. And, as I said in the video, if you’re looking for tips for entertaining the family. The Bewildered Family Guide to Yorkshire should be your first stop!

Hidden Visual Channel 4 Show Title

Here you go then, as well as the Channel 4 show titles in the script, here’s the visual show title too:

Hidden Channel 4 TV Show Title
“ – 8 out of 10 cats prefer it”

Did you notice it?

Let me know how well you got on with counting the titles in the video. Leave a Comment below or tell me on social media. Don’t forget to like, follow and subscribe too.

Bonus Content

Oh, before I go, here’s the video guide to Leeds that the very funny Larry and Paul put together. Every word is the truth. Honest.

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