Bewildered Family Guide to Yorkshire – Filey

The second series of the Bewildered Family Guide to Yorkshire is here! First up, we visit the beautiful North Yorkshire coastal town of Filey and test its family friendliness. Also, baby Seth makes his debut in this one. Take a look:

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Our Family Holiday to Filey

This was filmed during our summer holiday and we had an ace time, despite staying in a caravan during one of the worst storms I’ve ever witnessed. Fair play to those parents who are brave enough to travel abroad mere weeks after the birth of their second child, but we felt that we could just about deal with the logistics of carting Elsa and her then-almost-four-month-old brother to the Yorkshire coast, and it did feel like a real achievement.

I still had to pop out on the first evening and spend £100 in Tesco on things we’d forgotten (it genuinely would have been cheaper to have driven home and back again), but we managed to escape for our first break as a four and that’s what’s most important.

Why We Love Filey

Filey is probably the lesser-known of the resorts on the east coast, but there’s no good reason for that. It’s pretty, it can boast a fantastic beach, there are some interesting shops and nice cafes, but it always seems in the shadow of Scarborough. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big Scarborough fan (watch out for our video from there soon), but Filey offers something different and it’s a shame that more people don’t know about it. On the other hand, maybe that’s for the best as it keeps it quiet for those of us in the know. Forget I wrote any of this and don’t watch the video. Don’t crowd out Filey, please.

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