Bewildered Family Guide to Yorkshire – York

The latest Bewildered Family Guide to Yorkshire video comes from York, the city that gave the county its name. Find out what happened when we went on a couple of different days, and try to spot which bits were filmed at the same time. There’s a big clue…

Bewildered Guide to York

I love York, visiting there feels like being a tourist, but it’s less than an hour from my house. It is gorgeous and has so much to see and do. There are great places to eat and drink, and you could just spend the day walking around and not get bored.

Family Attractions in York

The Jorvik Viking Centre is one of those school trips I remember vividly, and I can still remember the smell, 30 years on. It’s still exactly the same whiff now, by the way. To give you an impression of how long ago it was that I last went there, the voiceover as you went round was provided by Magnus Magnusson. Sadly the late, great Mastermind host is no longer there, but you can choose between adult and kid-friendly, which is a neat touch.

York Maze was a real revelation too. I couldn’t see how we could be entertained for a whole day there, but it was well worth the money and we didn’t even get round to doing everything. Highly recommended. It’s so much more than just a maze. There’s an enchanted forest, featuring strange, distorting fairground mirrors, pig racing, bouncy castles and much more.

I’ve always been fascinated by Clifford’s Tower too. It’s perhaps a bit early to go through the full gory history of this Norman castle with my kids. In fact, I can’t wait until they start to really get into history in general – I love that stuff.

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Guide to York Clarifications

They say you should never read the comments on the internet, but I did when this was originally posted by the excellent I’m From Yorkshire Facebook page. So here goes…

Clifford’s Tower

I am aware that it is not the actual setting for The Grand Old Duke of York, that’s Sandal Castle in Wakefield. I did say Clifford’s “could” have been the inspiration because it is a big hill in York, and it let me do this gag.

By the way, I don’t believe that train had really crashed through the wall, either.

The Shambles

I also know The Shambles is not completely Elizabethan, but it is home to a good deal of Elizabethan houses, so you’ll have to excuse the shorthand that I used. You can have completely factually accurate or you can have brevity based on truth. I vote for the latter.


I love this one:

Complaint about Bewildered Family Guide to Yorkshire - York

Mate, if that sort of thing offends you, you might want to stop reading the internet right now. There’s some slightly worse stuff available elsewhere…

Of course it’s not North Humberside any more, but I love the look of the map, and all you can see is the H of Humberside anyway. It’s almost as if people just complain for the sake of it, huh?

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