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Another week, another crap towns survey attacking Yorkshire. Here’s why it’s nonsense:

Crap Towns Surveys

These surveys come out all the time and are there to gain some cheap publicity. That’s why I’m not crediting the site in question this time. The latest report suggests that six of the ten worst places to live in England are in Yorkshire. Nonsense. But how do we prove otherwise? Well, it’s easy.

Here is why this crap towns survey is wrong about Yorkshire.


The survey describes Halifax as an example of ‘Yorkshire grimness’, but that is easy to dispute. Just look at the town and you can see that’s nonsense., which the author clearly never did. the Piece Hall is a glittering jewel in the crown of Halifax, and is pretty much the polar opposite of ‘grimness’.

Piece Hall Halifax - Crap towns Nonsense

It also suggests Halifax has no claims to fame other than being the home of Ed Sheeran and a bank. Once again, not true. Anne Lister of Shibden Hall was a legendary diarist whose amazing life is now depicted in the smash hit Gentleman Jack. Halifax produced Quality Street and After Eights, both of which revolutionised Christmas. Local lad Percy Shaw invented cats’ eyes, making driving more safe. The list goes on.

So there you go. Yorkshire 1-0 Crap Towns Survey.


Just down the road is Huddersfield. According to the site that commissioned the survey, it’s funny that its major tourist attraction is “just a hill”. But that’s like saying the Taj Mahal is “just a big house”, the Eiffel Tower is “just a metal pointy thing” and the pyramids of Giza are “just fancy graves”.

Castle Hill is iconic, with its Victorian Folly that you can climb for an even better view across the Yorkshire countryside. In addition, the town has a real charm to it. There’s an ornate railway station, which is not something you can say about many towns, as well as some beautiful buildings. The statue of Harold Wilson is iconic and there are some great little arcades and cafes to spend time in too.

Yorkshire 2-0 Crap Towns Survey.


Similarly, to discount Keighley’s railway heritage as insignificant shows a lack of understanding of it. The Keighley and Worth Valley Railway shows all that is good about the town. The volunteers that make it a fantastic family day out in Keighley are a credit. Their dedication to providing entertainment whilst preserving heritage is surely a real positive.

Family Guide to Keighley
A trip to Keighley with a tiny Elsa

Within minutes, you are flying through gorgeous countryside towards the home of those Yorkshire heroes, the Brontes. This isn’t the sort of activity that is available in anywhere that truly is one of the worst places to live in England.

The railway features in a host of TV shows and films, including The Railway Children. Without Keighley, we wouldn’t have the iconic, tear-jerking “Daddy, my Daddy” scene. Think on.

Yorkshire 3-0 Crap Towns Survey.


Wakefield is a “cultural wilderness” according to this crap towns survey. Of course, that is easy to counter. It’s just not true. What kind of cultural wilderness contains the Hepworth Gallery? A whole purpose-built arena for cutting edge art, much coming from one of the UK’s most celebrated sculptors.

Family Guide to Wakefield - Hepworth Gallery
The Hepworth Wakefield in mug form

Not enough culture? How about the Yorkshire Sculpture Park? By the way, these form two points of the four-pointed Yorkshire Sculpture Triangle – not a typo – see the Bewildered Family Guide to Wakefield for more information.

There is also the Coal Mining Museum, Theatre Royal, Wakefield Cathedral and a whole lot more. More of a cultural deluge than a wilderness, if you ask me.

Yorkshire 4-0 Crap Towns Survey. This is getting embarrassing now.


The report takes a low blow at Rotherham, tediously using the Chuckle Brothers to make a point about how rubbish it thinks the town is. Of course, the truth is that there is far more to Rotherham than this site is willing to admit. Antony on Facebook flew the flag for his town:

Crap Towns Response from Rotherham

Rotherham locksmith Stephen Fretwell has some suggestions too. “Try Boston Park and Rother Valley Country Park – they are great for walking dogs, family picnics in Summer and more” he says, “Also, Withrop Gardens has a great tea room, and is great for a family day out.”

There’s also Magna, the science adventure centre, which will definitely feature on a future Bewildered Family Guide to Yorkshire video.

Yorkshire 5-0 Crap Towns Survey. Too easy.


The site gives Doncaster similar treatment, shaming it my making fun of a previous occupant. In Donny’s case it is Thomas Crapper. Rather than acknowledge this example of the fine engineering tradition in the town and a man who revolutionised life for billions of people across the world with the flushing lavatory, they use it to make some base toilet jokes.

And that sums up this whole sorry survey. Ignoring real, genuine reasons for civic pride in order to bring somewhere down. It’s snide. Pure and simple.

Yorkshire 6-0 Crap Towns Survey. The away fans are streaming for the exits, hoping to avoid the traffic.

Conclusions From the Crap Towns Survey

I think it’s obvious that the criticisms of Yorkshire from this crap towns survey don’t stand up. It seems that it is built on the concept that it’s easier to trash something than to be constructive. Everyone can find something to criticise about where they live or somewhere they visit, but that shouldn’t damn the whole town.

If anything, the comments come across as snobbish more than anything. There are a lot of contributions from people looking down their noses at others and it is not an attractive proposition.

I’m sure you can find the site if you want to, but I’m not giving them any publicity here. There is so much that is great about Yorkshire and so many positive things to do that this feels like a kick in the teeth for those who pour their heart and soul into making life great in this county. So let’s be positive, let’s celebrate this special region of the UK and let’s ignore anyone who says any differently.

Says the man who has made a video and written a long blog about someone who said differently.

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