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The Alternative Toddler Playlist is an antidote to nursery rhymes, Sing and Sign and all the other child-but-not-parent-friendly music that is churned out to entertain kids. You can stop yourself from going crazy by streaming it now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Click to listen on you favoured site, enjoy with your kids and suggest more tunes:

Alternative Toddler Playlist on Spotify Alternative Toddler Playlist on Apple Music

My daughter Elsa has taken so much from Sing and Sign and for that I am grateful, but sometimes when you’re driving or hanging around the house it’s nice to listen to the sort of stuff those carefree souls who don’t have kids enjoy too. The Alternative Toddler Playlist is the best of both worlds. Look how much Elsa enjoys it:

Keep your suggestions coming in in the Comments section or through the Contact Bewildered Dad page – it would be great to grow the playlist even further.


  1. Great idea – we’ve been building “family” playlists on Spotify for some time, primarily to pass time on regular drives from Yorkshire to see family in Belgium. My kids are 4,6 and 9, so not quite toddlers, but “right said Fred” by Bernard Cribbens and “I was born” off the Mermaid Avenue sessions are favourites.

  2. When my daughter was appx 7-8 months old, she started randomly dancing to September by Earth, Wind and Fire in a cafe. One to try on Elsa?

  3. our two (now 7 and 8) have always loved ‘I’m not OK’ (radio edit version) by my chemical romance. I think it is just about the right level of craziness for them. Will loved ‘firework’ (Katy Perry ) and Pricetag (Jessie J) when he was about 4, and Beth loves Don’t stop believin! 😉
    If you look on my spotify playlist, feel free to try out ‘Beth’s party’, that’s full of goodies! 🙂 x

  4. “Three Is The Magic Number” by De La Soul (and the original by Bob Dorough) are always favourites – as are ska reggae tracks like “Cissy Strut” by The Meters.

    Try as I might, my daughter just isn’t liking The Smiths…maybe one day 😉

  5. “Three Is The Magic Number” by De La Soul (and the original by Bob Dorough) is a favourite of my 2 1/2 year old daughter. She also likes Blondie too!

    Try as I might she isn’t getting The Smiths yet 😉

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