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I left university 21 years ago having blagged my way to a 2:1. Something that probably took more effort than if I’d just read the books in the first place. I often think that I’m much more suited now to learning and that I’d like to dip my toe back into the educational waters. Which is why I was delighted to work with Tutorful, a Yorkshire-based online portal for tutors. And here is my Tutorful review:

Choosing a Subject With Tutorful

There are more than 300 subjects to choose from, with over 12,000 tutors available to teach students of all ages and abilities.

I thought Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) might be an interesting topic (and helpful for improving this here website). I am a content writer in day-to-day life, so I know a fair bit about on-page SEO – keywords and all that. But off-page SEO is a different matter. I am quite breathtakingly untechnical.


Tutorful sent through some suitable potential tutors for me, I picked Matthew from his profile and we arranged a time to video call through Tutorful’s software. I dusted off my pencil case, tippexed my favourite band logos on it, and made sure I polished an apple especially for the teacher. I was ready to go.

Tutorful Review – The Lesson

Matthew was immediately warm and welcoming on the call. The picture and audio were good quality, there was a whiteboard for jotting down notes and a messenger app so Matthew could send relevant links over. He suggested we use this website you’re reading right now as an example and that was fine by me. I get a lesson and someone guides me through the admin stuff I usually shirk.

Tutorful review notes
My notes during my Tutorful review

He even hid his horror impeccably when I revealed exactly how many out-of-date plugins there were on BewilderedDad.com. Look, I’m busy, right?

He suggested plugins that would optimise my images, protect me from spam and generally protect my site, explaining how each contributed in its own way to off-page SEO. We tested the load speed of the site at the start and the end of the lesson and there was an instant improvement. Bonus!

But it wasn’t just the ‘what to do’ that he mentioned, he also talked me through the which, how, why and when too. With no judgement cast on my technical thickness.

Get Started With Tutorful

If you’re read this Tutorful review and fancy learning a new skill take a look at the Tutorful website. You can study anything from A-level maths to bagpipes to GCSE biology to MATLAB. Whatever MATLAB is.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and will definitely be booking in Matthew for more lessons. And I will certainly make sure I’ve updated all my plugins before I share my screen with him this time.

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