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The latest Bewildered Family Guide to Yorkshire video is set in Skipton. Skipton is known as the Gateway to the Dales, but I don’t think that does it justice. A gate is a functional item leading to the beauty of the garden, and Skipton is much more than functional. But I guess “The Really Ornate, Interesting and Historically Significant Gateway to the Dales” wouldn’t fit on the signs. Take a look at the video:

Is Skipton Family Friendly?

Skipton is a great place to bring the family. The town is pretty, with plenty of places to eat and a castle! It’s meant to be one of the best preserved castles of its era and Elsa certainly had a lot of fun running around, pretending to be a knight.

The Craven Museum was a decent stop on our tour at the time and, after its renovation, it will be even more of a must-visit destination for families in Skipton.

Where to Eat in Skipton

I didn’t have time to fit this into the video, and their sister cafe already featured in the Keighley guide video, but we stopped off after the day’s activities at Cake’ole in Skipton. I love the decor, the attitude and everything about these eateries. They have such character and it really makes them stand out.

There’s also the matter of the amazing cakes on offer. For example, this one that Elsa demolished:

Elsa Cake from Cakeole Skipton

Soon after came the biggest sugar rush of all time. Followed by this sugar crash:

Sugar crash after cake

Trust me, neither of my children have ever been the sort to just fall asleep on the sofa. This was something major. I should also add that my kids don’t generally eat this much sugar. I do bed time, so there’s no way I’d let them. It would make my life much more difficult.

Activities Near Skipton

As you will have noticed from the video, a couple of activities are out of town. Skipton is a great place to base yourself to visit the south of the Yorkshire Dales. Places like Billy Bob’s Ice Cream Parlour and Hesketh Farm Park are perfect for kids of all ages. Another destination for families is Bolton Abbey, which boasts some dramatic ruins as well as a host of fantastic walks to help burn off all that cake. They also have special woodland walks aimed at kids for Hallowe’en and Christmas.

Bewildered Dad Live

If you enjoy the Bewildered Family Guide to Yorkshire, come and see the live stand-up comedy/travel guide show. The premiere is at Ilkley Playhouse at 9pm on Thursday 4th October, but I hope to add in more dates soon. Take a look at the Bewildered Dad Live page.

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