Funzy Inflatable Theme Park Bradford Review

Review (Gifted Tickets)

Funzy is an inflatable theme park in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Yes, you heard correctly. An inflatable theme park. They invited us down to try out their facilities (gifted tickets, but didn’t ask for or pay for a review, if that information matters to you), and this is what happened…

As you can see, an inflatable theme park is basically a cross between a massive bouncy castle and the Krypton Factor. And I mean that in the most positive way possible.

Funzy First Impressions

You will most likely attend as many children’s parties as I do. Many of them feature bouncy castles and, at these particular events, 90% of parents are standing around wishing they could have a bounce. For reference, the other 10% are related to the child whose party it is and they spent half an hour practising backwards somersaults on it before the other kids arrived when they should have been cutting the crusts off the party sandwiches.

Elsa and Seth at Funzy Inflatable Theme Park Bradford.
Excited Kids at Funzy

With that in mind, I think I was more giddy than the kids when we walked through the doors and were confronted by the size of the play area. Obviously I’m a serious reviewer and videographer, so I tried to contain the high-pitch squeal that emanated from my mouth.

Elsa and Seth started eyeing up their targets too, with Elsa looking for the tallest and scariest piece of apparatus she could. Obviously, she decided she would head straight for the most dangerous-looking jump in the whole park.

Kids are daredevils, parents are wusses. I’ve said it before, but I imagine I will say it again. And again.

How Funzy Works

When you book tickets for Funzy in Bradford, you have to fill in a waiver for everyone attending. If you’ve been trampoline, you’ll have been through the same procedure. Essentially, when you run an establishment featuring bouncing kids all together in one room, I guess you can’t be too careful when it comes to covering yourself.

There is also a briefing video, which Elsa watched as intently as she views Hey Duggee. She must have been paying close attention because she perfectly recreated the advised stance for going down the slides, as evidenced in the video. I know the time will come when she doesn’t do exactly as she is told, but I hope that is someway in the future. I’m making a concerted effort to enjoy every minute of it while it lasts.

After the safety talk, you’re free to bounce away to your heart’s desire.

Funzy Facilities

The park at Funzy is centred on a large open bounce area. Around it is a big inflatable obstacle course with a host of different slides and the cliff-edge drop that Elsa enjoyed so much.

There is a separate area for under-fours, which has a small slide and some fun inflatable dinosaurs, but Seth was keen to follow in the footsteps of his sister. Obviously staying well away from the sheer drop. Good lad. Takes after his dad. For now.

His favourite part of the park was definitely the ball pit.

Ball Pit - Funzy Inflatable Theme Park Bradford

Other than that, there is a cafe, which I made use of for a post-bounce, caffeinated energy shot. Although, I believe they call it a coffee. Potato/Potarto.

How to Get to Funzy in Bradford

It’s really easy to get to Funzy in Bradford. It’s situated in the Leisure Exchange, alongside the Cineworld and a number of restaurants. There’s a massive car park, and you are a couple of minutes walk from Bradford Interchange for trains and buses, and a couple more minutes from Forster Square railway station.

If you want to make a day of it, there is plenty to do in Bradford with the family. I’d recommend playing in the fountains at City Park on a hot day (take a change of clothes) or the magnificent National Science and Media Museum, both of which are free (although the museum does appreciate donations). Here’s more Bradford fun:

Yes, that is Elsa. Quite a long time ago now, as you can see…

Funzy Inflatable Theme Park Bradford – Conclusion

I wasn’t joking in the video. I was knackered. That’s mainly due to carrying Seth while bouncing a lot because, well, he’s two and that’s what happens. The kids had a great time and I thoroughly enjoyed myself too.

It really isn’t often you get to bounce as an adult, and I think that’s a shame. It would certainly make meetings much more interesting. I can’t see it catching on in many corporate cultures just yet, but then I like to think of myself as a trailblazer. I have no evidence to back that up, I just like to think it.

Bradford gets a bad press in many quarters, but there is plenty to do for families. Funzy is a real part of that and we will certainly return at some point soon. Maybe I’ll summon up the courage to chuck myself off the cliff edge. I’ll film it and, even in the worst case scenario, I’ll make myself a cool £250 from You’ve Been Framed.

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