We all know that Yorkshire is home to some of the finest musical artists of all time. And that is the basis for Bewildered Dad’s Yorkshire Radio Show. It’s a weekly, hour-long delve into Yorkshire music – new and old – as well as Yorkshire news, anecdotes and a few jokes of varying quality.

You’ll also hear from an act that isn’t from or based in Yorkshire, but has some connection. You have the length of time it takes to listen to the Yorkshire Affiliated track to work out the

You can contribute too. If there’s a song you want to hear, an artist you’d like me to play or an idea for a Yorkshire-affiliated act that I should stick on the show, send me a message.

My Radio Career

I was a radio presenter for more than 20 years, working at a range of stations – big and small – across the country. In Yorkshire, I hosted breakfast on Viking FM, did all sorts of shows at Hallam FM, weekends at Pulse 1, mid mornings on Pulse 2 and did a few shifts at some other Yorkshire radio stations too.

Yorkshire Radio Show Episodes

Episode 3

In Episode three, we find out about the Sheffield band who got Harry Potter drunk, the Gary Linekers of electro-pop, where Yorkshire’s rock ‘n’ roll capital is (not where you might expect) and how Louis Armstrong is somehow connected to Yorkshire. Plus tunes from Bad Boy Chiller Crew, Priestgate, Kaiser Chiefs, Robert Palmer, Kate Rusby and more.


Episode 2

Episode two features a tribute to Steve Mackey from Pulp, with three songs from different eras of the Sheffield band’s history to honour their late bassist. I also discuss the reason I need to move away from my village, the famous people who studied English at Leeds University and play tunes from the Housemartins, Shed Seven, Berri, Jake Thackray and more.


Episode 1

In episode one, you can hear tracks from Pulp, Utah Saints, Moloko, Hope and Social and more. You’ll find out about the only pop star I’ve ever seen perform in a school play, which Yorkshire singer might fancy a Tinsley Towers tank top and what makes California’s Pavement Yorkshire-affiliated.


Yorkshire Radio Show