Sweet Little Lies

November 10, 2013 bewildereddad 0

I don’t know much about parenthood just yet but I’m fairly sure that teaching your little ‘uns to tell the truth is a predominant part of the process lest the path they follow in life Click to read.

Hanging on the Telephone

November 3, 2013 bewildereddad 0

As a watched pot never boils (even when full of noodles and the most synthetic tasting of flavourings), a constantly monitored mobile telephone will not ring. This is not, I must stipulate, a suggested tactic Click to read.

The List ©

October 27, 2013 bewildereddad 0

Thank goodness for slow drying plaster. It’s given me an excuse to escape the confines of our downstairs toilet/wet room where I have been beavering away sanding, glossing, filling, swearing and almost weeping for the Click to read.

Dog's Days are Over!

October 3, 2013 bewildereddad 2

Alfie is naughty. Make no bones about it. He’s a friendly, energetic and generally loyal Labrador when the mood takes him but he’s also particularly mischievous. Let’s not apportion blame here but I do distinctly Click to read.

Baby War Stories

August 26, 2013 bewildereddad 0

“You’ve got all this to look forward to” is a sentence I am hearing with increasing regularity as we hurtle into the third trimester. It comes from beleaguered parents who are fighting that endless battle Click to read.

Choosing the Pram

August 20, 2013 bewildereddad 0

You’ve not known the true definition of the term ‘funny look’ until you’ve trodden the path that I have this week. Ever since we found out that we were having a baby we have been Click to read.