Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Do What Every Other Parent Does!

“Okay Google, can you do this nappy?”

Hollywood acting couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis only welcomed baby Wyatt into the world at the start of October but have already discovered the secret to modern parenting – Google.

Whereas once young parents would ring their own folksĀ at all hours, questioning absolutely every move, cough and noise that their newborn infant made, nowadays a quick internet search has replaced the need to wake the grandparents up. Kutcher and Kunis are no different as Ashton recently revealed “Everybody says when you get a child, they don’t come with an owner’s manual” says the star “but that’s kinda not true because Google’s kind of like an owner’s manual”.

It’s heartening to know as you are panicking about why little ‘un suddenly started screaming at 3am and consequently reading the most hideously extreme scare stories that the internet has to offer, that Tinsel Town royalty are freaking themselves out in exactly the same way.

Although, as you will find out from the Bewildered Dad blog, the answer to pretty much every baby based query is “it’s a growth spurt“.

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