Sarcastic Dad Strikes Again

If you thought internet sensations were spotty teenagers with haircuts (well, we all have haircuts but you know…haircuts) then you were wrong. Well, you were mainly right but there’s the sneezing panda and Will Reid – the sarcastic dad. Will has made instructional videos for his teenagers James and Beth about how to change the toilet roll and fill the dishwasher and now he’s back!

The next item on the list of household chores that the teenagers struggle with is hanging up wet towels and not just leaving them on the bathroom floor – they even have a heated towel rail for goodness’ sake! Thankfully Will is here to solve the problem in typical sarcastic, hang-dog style. It’s worth a watch.

You noticed the unchanged toilet roll too right? James and Beth have not been watching these videos very closely at all.

By the way, Will has a range of t-shirts available. As good as the videos are, you wouldn’t want to meet the sort of person that buys these t-shirts, right?

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