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One of the worst things that can happen to you as a family is to suffer a break-in. It is not only the financial cost of replacing the possessions you lose; it is also the sentimental value they hold and the effect it has on your peace of mind. The home should be a safe place, a place of comfort and a place where you can relax, which is why I have teamed up with S Fretwell and Sons, a locksmith in Rotherham, to provide some quick tips for you if you are looking to boost your home security. 

Get an Expert to Review Your Home Security Arrangements

Expert locksmiths know their way around locks better even than the burglars you are trying to shut out. So enlist your friendly local locksmith to help you keep them at bay. Get them in to give your windows and doors a once over, checking them for frailties, correct fitting, decent condition and to make sure they meet the requirements for your home insurance policy. 

Security for the family home

If you have a badly fitted Euro Lock, they can rectify that before anyone takes advantage of the chance to break in. They can also advise on whether you need to add to your current set-up and can recommend that brands that they trust to do the job. 

Make Sure You Meet British Standard BS3621

If you don’t know whether the locks in your home meet the BS3621 standard, you are in the same boat as 99.9% of UK residents (approximately). It is the one question you dread the insurance company asking when you buy your policy, probably just hitting ‘yes’ even though you have no idea what it means. But it is important that your locks achieve it. Failure to meet BS3621 could lead the insurance company to refuse a payout, leaving you with a hefty post-burglary bill. 

Locks that meet BS3621 have passed tests to show that they can withstand a range of common burglary attacks. This gives you great protection against opportunistic robbers, who won’t want to hang around if their initial techniques fail. Check your current locks to see if they meet the standard, and replace them if they do not. 

Secure Your Letterbox

You read a lot about ever-advanced cyber crime, but you still need to protect yourself against the more old school methods too. A thief can push a long poll through your letterbox in order to take your house and car keys, which is simple but devastating. However, you can buy a letter box guard for as little as £30, which fits onto the back of your letter box and protects you against this kind of crime. 

Keep Valuables Out of Sight

It may seem obvious as a way to boost your home security, but so many of us fail to do it. When you are not around, make sure you don’t leave valuable items on show. Put laptops and tablets away from prying eyes, as they provide enormous temptation for burglars. Thieves are more likely to try their luck at homes where they know there are easily accessible goodies than they are at properties where they can’t be sure of the location of your best stuff. 

Install an Alarm System

There are so many good quality, reliable smart alarm systems available nowadays and the evidence is that they act as a deterrent for many would-be burglars. The only issue is that they can be reasonably costly. On top of the initial price of the alarm, many require a monthly service fee. 

If you can afford one, having an alarm linked to a help centre, and which you can keep a check on through your smartphone, is a great way to boost your home security. In addition, if you link cameras up, you can check if anyone is home when you’re on your way back and get them to put the kettle on ready for your return. 

Check Locks for Outbuildings

Do your outbuildings have adequate locks? If you have a shed or a garage, you should make sure that they are secured as well as you would want your front door or home windows to be. Even if you don’t think you have anything worth securing in them, the contents could be useful to burglars. 

Home Security for Families

Many burglars choose not to take tools with them to commit crimes, as the risk of arrest if caught with potentially incriminating items on them is higher. Instead, they use items they find lying around or in unsecured garages and sheds. The fact that it is easy to break into these buildings may be a direct cause of a burglary at your family home. You are not just protecting half full tins of paint and broken garden furniture. 

Any Other Tips to Boost Your Home Security?

If you have any other tips to boost your home security, leave them below in the Comments. I’d love to hear your thoughts. 

S Fretwell and Sons

S Fretwell Locksmith Van

S Fretwell and Sons is a family business in Rotherham, established 40 years ago. They work closely with South Yorkshire Police, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council and many local schools to secure properties across the region. Stephen is DBS checked and a member of the Association of Accredited Locksmiths. You can contact him on 01709 630027. 

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