Dads in 'Involved in Parenting' Shocker

Studies and surveys, its very difficult to trust them. Just like one week the Daily Mail will insist that chocolate will extend your life and then the next minute it’s a surefire route to cancer, this week a parenting study has been released that directly contradicts another from mere weeks ago.

We were told last month that men were failing to live up to modern expectations of hands-on fatherhood and were instead reverting to the old fashioned stereotype of being the absent breadwinner. However, Netmums has issued a report saying that men are actually contributing £16,708.64 worth of childcare per year according to their survey – although some of us prefer to call it ‘parenting’.

Jim and Elsa

‘Breadwinner’ is ranked as only the eighth most important role for a dad, with just 1.5 percent of mums admitting to be concerned about their other half boosting their pay-packet by putting in the hours at the office. The number one aspect of parenthood for fathers to concentrate on, according to respondents to the questionnaire, is to be a good role model. Over 25 percent of fathers were concerned with their looks and avoiding a Dad Bod, with just 13 percent of women being bothered by their partners’ appearance.

Interestingly, ‘Cooking’ was in the top 15 important jobs for modern dads, although Heinz would probably disagree.

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