Dadvent Calendar 2017 – Day 13

Dadvent Calendar 2017

It’s Day 13 of Dadvent and, although the idea of 13 being unlucky has its roots in the Bible (more relevant to the Easter story than Christmas – Judas being the 13th disciple and all that), we’re going New Testament again and the image behind the door is so super-cute, your luck is nothing but good.

Dadvent Day 13

Seth is Joseph, leading the little donkey with Mary (Elsa) on its back. They’re off to Bethlehem to pay taxes, but forgot to check before they left.

To be honest, they’d have probably found a great hotel with spare rooms just out of town for much cheaper, leaving them some spare cash to get a taxi in every day. But they didn’t think about that. Must be better than giving birth in a barn, but probably a less interesting story.

See the Dadvent page for the full calendar so far.


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