Heathrow Becomes Imaginary Friend-Friendly

Heathrow Airport has released what purports to be a staff training video, advising colleagues on how to accommodate children’s imaginary friends as they set off on holiday this summer.

The six minute clip is narrated by Irish actor Chris O’Dowd, of IT Crowd and Bridesmaids fame, and comes in recognition of a survey that reported a third of children in Britain have an imaginary friend and two thirds intend to be accompanied by them on a trip abroad. Half of the children questioned wished that more people would interact with their imaginary friend.

The video shows how conductors on the Heathrow Express should greet imaginary friends and what to do if a child’s make believe pal becomes hungry whilst waiting for their flight. The message is that Heathrow intends to become the world’s first imaginary friend-friendly airport.

Full disclosure – I got a little bored as it does get a little samey, but it’s worth a look at the start of the video at least because it’s a cute idea and a decent PR stunt that steps away from the usual controversy-courting fare (I’m looking at you Ryanair).

Anything that makes travelling with children more bearable, right?

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