How Not to Offend New Parents

Even at 16 months old, people will still mistake Elsa for a boy when we’re out because she – shockingly for them – tends not to wear pink. It even made point number five on the Five Things Not to Say to a New Parent list and you’d have thought that they’d find a way around being gender-specific if they weren’t sure, but alas no. It’s really annoying.

Never a site to dwell (too much) has been proactive and created this handy guide for you to share with your less enlightened friends and family who can print it, keep it and refer to it anytime they meet a parent and baby, so as not to cause offence by erroneously dropping in a “he” or “she”.

Baby Gender Flowchart

As mentioned in the flowchart – beware that some names and the wearing of certain colours may lull you into a false sense of security. Do not be tricked – boys can wear pink and girls sometimes don blue – what a crazy world (sarcasm).

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  1. This is the most awesome thing ever! 1000x yes! My little girl gets called a boy all the time basically because she doesn’t have much hair – even when she’s dressed in pink head to toe!

  2. My grand daughter usually gets called a boy (often by older men for some reason) even when she is wearing pink. The best one was when she had a bow in her hair!!

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