Nappies to Display Parenting Tips?

A proposal has been made to print parenting tips on nappies with the hope of encouraging parents to talk more with their babies. The government-owned Behavioural Insights Team has taken on the idea which was discussed at the World Economic Forum in Dubai with a view to introducing it to the UK.

The nappies are talking to you. You are not going crazy.

The theory is that, by using the time taken to change a baby’s nappy to talk to the infant, parents will help improve and develop their kids’ language skills. Despite it being unanimously agreed that getting parents to chat more to children is a good idea, some think that prompting them on nappies is symptomatic of the (pun intended) Nanny State.

In this world of ambient advertising nappies have long been a missed opportunity, usually sporting some baby-friendly picture that the child never sees and are always covered with clothes. Surely, instead of tips for parents, this is prime commercial space. Why haven’t Huggies or Pampers exploited this?

Targeted ads could promote any manner of baby products or services which aren’t usually shy to bombard mums and dads with their messages. Or perhaps there could be a picture of a sparkling gin and tonic with the line “after changing THAT, you deserve one of these”. If anyone from Gordon’s is reading, I want a cut of the profits.

Of course, prime nappy advertising companies could include Poo-ma trainers, Nintendo Wee and Ass-da. Any more suggestions, either comment below, tweet bewildered dad or write on the Bewildered Dad Facebook page.

And a cautionary tale of not concentrating when changing a baby can be found courtesy of the first Bewildered Dad Celeb Dad, OJ Borg.

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