School Plans Perfect Fundraiser for Lazy Parents

Sick of staying up late, sewing your child a Hagrid from Harry Potter costume so they can go and make a grand total of 27p at the latest school fundraiser? Had enough of splashing out on expensive ingredients for biscuits to sell at the summer fete that your child grows bored of baking halfway through, having managed to turn your kitchen into their very own representation of Dave Benson Phillips’ gunge-laden gameshow Get Your Own Back?

A middle school in Texas has the answer, thanks to the admirably-honest letter they sent to parents and which has now become a viral sensation.

Rather than continue with the facade of pretending that kids actually have any input into the activities that surround events that are intended to boost the coffers of their educational establishment, this particular school sent home a note asking for cold hard cash instead of some of the more tiresome traditional fundraising methods with which parents tend to be burdened.

Mum Dee Heinz posted the note, which allows parents to donate $15 rather than bake cupcakes, $50 to avoid sponsored walks, runs and swims and $100 for those who wouldn’t have helped and would like their name forgotten!

Here’s the full letter:

Texas school letter

This is going to save a LOT of stress, time and effort. Well done that school!

Of course, not all brutally honest letters are as nice to receive. Click the link to read the most demanding birthday list ever.

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