Shakira to Launch Parenting App

I’m always distrustful of people who set themselves up as the font of parenting knowledge, mainly because kids are so different that it’s extremely arrogant to suggest that, because things have gone swimmingly with you in a certain area of child-rearing, it is because you are some kind of wizard. You might be, but you could also just be extremely lucky.

When the person proclaiming to be the mummy-Moses, bringing the parenting tablets straight from the baby-God, is the same woman who once insisted “lucky that my breasts are small and humble, so you don’t confuse them with mountains”, then my cynicism is further fuelled.

Yes, Shakira is releasing a parenting app this Autumn called Grow, featuring over 2,000 tips for mums. I can’t wait for the dad version by Chico from X Factor.


Suffice to say, you’ll never find me spouting advice on the pages of this site – asking for plenty and allowing you to share your experiences, but never claiming to be any kind of authority on anything. Ever.

Still, there are worse music and parenting crossovers – click to link to find out more.

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