That John Lewis Advert Cut as a Horror Film!

It’s the time of year when you pack away the shonky Dracula costume, let off the last of the damp squib fireworks and settle down in front of the telly in order to be bombarded with adverts for the toys that you’re going to spend the next six weeks being pestered for. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

As with the last few Christmases the commercial that has been most hotly anticipated is from department store John Lewis. With their winning formula of cute kids, emotional blackmail and drippy song cover, they’ve managed to lead the market and deservedly so – the whole point of an advert is to manipulate you and they do it so well. This year’s offering features a young lad and his love-struck penguin, Monty – the stuffed version of which is available in store for £95.


That’s not a typo!

Don’t fancy taking out a second mortgage to purchase a teddy bear? Then show your little cherubs this horror film re-cut of the John Lewis advert and rid yourself of that particular issue.*

For more details on the other gifts you’ll probably end up shelling out for, have a look at this year’s most popular Christmas presents.

* Bewildered Dad takes no responsibility for any other issues may that arise courtesy of taking this course of action (refusal to sleep, fear of the dark, the numbers 666 appearing on your children’s foreheads etc.).

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