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The Bewildered Dad podcast is a fortnightly comic look at the world of parenting with news, lists, interviews, campaigns and viral stuff from round the internet.

The show is now going out on Hull Kingston Radio as well as the internet, so make sure you listen alternate Wednesdays at 10:30am on 107.4FM if you are in Hull or the surrounding areas. You can listen online or through their apps too.

Make sure you listen and subscribe through iTunes, Stitcher or just through the website. Click on the images below to find out more:

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  • Episode 20 – Odd Names, Potty Talk, Toddler Satire
  • Episode 19 – Budget Rants, the Toddler Alternative and How to Win at Parenthood
  • Episode 18 – We Finally Watched FROZEN!
  • Episode 17 – Bruce Springsteen, Repeated Stories, PR for Parenthood
  • Episode 16 – Damian Lewis, “Why?” and Fast from the Fun Lovin’ Criminals
  • Episode 15 – Sugar, Dad Rants, “Forty Pounds”
  • Episode 14 – The best of 2015
  • Episode 13 – Vaguely Christmas Special, Bad Santa, Dad Gifts.
  • Episode 12 – Nutella Ban, Offender Punishments, Black Friday.
  • Episode 11 – Terrorist toddlers, John Lewis reaction, Simon Cowell baby advice.
  • Episode 10 – Term-time holidays, misguided parents, reply
  • Episode 9 – Shakira’s tips don’t lie, good music, bad robots.
  • Episode 8 – Surefire sleep, ranting about statistics and a very fluffy version of Goodfellas.
  • Episode 7 – One Direction baby, things parents forget, Elsa’s favourite word and cute Buble.
  • Episode 6 – A disappointing reply from Heinz, why parents are like police negotiators and which will be the big toys for Christmas.
  • Episode 5 – Father’s Day Special, including brands that aren’t celebrating.
  • Episode 4 – Dad Bods, Elsa tries out for Mastermind and gifts to buy newborns and their parents.
  • Episode 3 – A royal baby arrives, political parties court the parent vote and demanding birthday lists.
  • Episode 2 – Shared parental leave made fun, middle class kids and an extraordinary rendition of Ice Ice Baby.
  • Episode 1 – Angry dads, stuff you learn before baby turns one, an open letter to Heinz and an inappropriate reaction.

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