The Top Toys for Christmas 2014

With seven weeks till Christmas, the list of the year’s most in-demand toys has been revealed. These are the toys that you will be frantically combing the shops for at 5:25pm on Christmas Eve in a state of heightened panic, or maybe paying four times the RRP for on eBay a week before. So what are the items most likely to top your little sweetheart’s list?

top christmas toys 2014
“Is it Bop It! Beats?” “Are socks better or worse than Bop It! Beats?”
  • Bop It! Beats – A music game for ages eight and over which requires lightning reactions to scratch, spin and flip the game over on command. Guaranteed to cause arguments amongst those competing and headaches amongst those in a twenty metre vicinity. For further reading on kids’ toys-related ear pollution, see point one in this Bewildered Dad blog post.
  • Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa – Although mentions of that film are a hair’s breadth from being banned on this website for reasons explained in a previous Bewildered Dad missive, you can’t really ignore the rise and rise of the all encompassing, child-enthralling, name-stealing, animated blockbuster movie, Frozen. These dolls are already a frighteningly expensive £34.99, imagine how the price will leap on your favourite online auction site when they sell out in the shops. Inevitably many will be too slow to bag one for their little princess and parents across the land will endure on Christmas Day the only sound more terrifying than Noddy Holder repeatedly screeching the words, “it’s Chrrriiisssttttmaaaas” – a full-on, 24 hour, little girl tantrum.
  • Kidizoom Smart Watch Vtech – A digital watch with touchscreen and camera for £39.99. Expect dads with dewy eyes to recount tales of their halcyon Christmas Days spent playing on their new Acorn Electrons, before insisting to their children that they don’t know how lucky they are. Also expect countless hipsters to be sporting them in the bars of Dalston directly after the Yuletide festivities.
  • Nerf Demolisher 2-in-1 – A massive gun which fires darts or missiles or darts and missiles and will set you back £44.99. Every new owner’s mum will insist on them being careful lest they have someone’s eye out. As stern as the warning is, all eyes will remain steadfastly in.

Want a bargain, or at least a relative bargain? The Guardian have found the best deals for you on the big toys for Christmas 2014.

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