Celeb Dad: OJ Borg

First up to take the Bewildered Dad Celeb Dad questionnaire is TV and radio presenter OJ Borg. National Lottery host OJ also presents cycling show Bespoke on BBC Radio 5Live as well as filling in on BBC Radio 2. Find out about the dangers of pitch black nappy changing and discover exactly who is the “blue gimp of happiness”.
OJ Borg
OJ suffered flashbacks to the infamous night time nappy change episode.

Dad to?
Norah-May Borg (Who is actually on her birth certificate Norah-May Scarlet Borg D’Anastasi – making her a hyphenate, apostrophised and with a name we spelt wrong. Don’t let sleep deprived adults do legally binding things is the moral to that story).

Most embarrassing Dad moment so far?
Whilst attempting the Ferber technique to get her to sleep through, part of it says if you have to change them in the night, you don’t turn the light on. So I did that, realising that half way through the task it was a bigger job than just a wet nappy as I had got it on my fingers. So I grab a nappy bag which was stuck together at the top as they tend to be. What’s the first thing you do when you need to unstick the top of a bag? Yep? Lick your fingers. I licked the babies poo.

Best thing about fatherhood?
I don’t have twins. Oh and it actually stops me being a bit less obsessive about work. A bit.

What have you had to sacrifice?
Not that much. Cliches like sleep, freedom to do things last minute, the ability to justify buying an Xbox One. We saw it as the baby joining our life so tried to keep doing what we did before.

Music that you’re desperate for them to love?
Anything that isn’t One Direction or derivative band thereof. If I have to go to a gig like that then I’m dressing in full 1D regalia and crowdsurfing. That’ll teach her.

Daddy/Child film of choice?
So far its Monsters Inc. and Bloodsport 2.

What trait have you passed on (on purpose or not)?
FOMO. If there is still something to do of an evening there ain’t no way she’s going to sleep.

Best way to avert a tantrum?
Bottle of Milk or some form of Iggle Piggle. The blue gimp of happiness.

Best fatherhood advice you were given?
Baby joins your life.

Advice that you would pass on to other dads?
That the hoppop bath is the best thing you can buy. Plus that the best day of your life won’t be the day they are born. That’s long, stressful and you aren’t allowed any of the drugs. The best day is the one where the smile at you for the first time.

One piece of advice to pass on to child?
If she’s wise she will take zero advice from me.

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