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Elsa is lots of fun at the moment and wants to be part of everything we do, so I was excited to stumble across the good people from My Little Sous-Chef on Twitter. I know, this sounds like I’ve become one of those blogs you like that suddenly starts not-so-subtly pointing you towards Rumbelows for all your TV rental needs or something. Well, MLS-C haven’t paid me a thing*, I just thought their ‘cookbook for parents and kids’ idea was kind of ace.

So here’s me and Elsa getting our Gordon Ramsey on and making the recipe for courgette, goat’s cheese and ham rolls:

Have you tried cooking with children (no, not as ingredients)? How did that work out? What are the best recipes to cook with kids? Leave your comments below.

Make sure you subscribe to the *BD YouTube channel and you can find more about My Little Sous-Chef and their crowdfunding to create the recipe book by clicking the link. They are also on Twitter, like all the cool kids nowadays.

Thankfully there was no need to resort to this dad’s methods to get his son to eat his lunch, you wouldn’t want to hear me singing on video. Trust me.


*They can buy me a mansion made out of diamonds when they are rich and famous.

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