Dad Becomes Makeshift Midwife and Delivers Son at Home

A dad had to deliver his own son after an unexpectedly quick labour meant they couldn’t make it to hospital in time. Stephen Helsby of Warrington had to grab the towels and boiling water after his wife Nicola felt baby Max’s head as she walked down the stairs.

Stephen was on the line to medical staff as he helped Max enter the world, weighing 8lb 4oz. “I was in panic and shock but Nicola needed to push so I just did what I had to do” explained Stephen, “She was amazing and Max was born so quickly. After he cried I handed him back to his mum to keep warm until the paramedics arrived.”

However, things took a worrying turn when Nicola started to lose consciousness, eventually needing to receive four pints of blood and be put on a drip at Warrington Hospital. Thankfully mother and baby are now doing well.

The couple had contacted the labour ward that evening when contractions started but were told to wait until Nicola experienced three within ten minutes. They started to arrive more frequently around 4am and the Helsbys were preparing to jump in the car, until Max decided that he couldn’t wait any longer.

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