Could This be the Most Demanding Birthday List Ever?

A user on Reddit has uploaded an email received from the parents of a child approaching his first birthday, suggesting it could be the most demanding birthday list of all time.

The note starts off fairly reasonably by advising recipients about the gifts that their son might like and attempting to avoid duplications. However, it then starts to sound a lot less reasonable and more businesslike than you’d imagine necessary. Have a look:

demanding birthday listWell, at least they’re honest about their intention to take your gift and return it straight to the shop, and it is a little annoying when you have three of the same thing but have they never heard of regifting? Also, $80 on formula a week?! That’s 50-odd quid, or about five tubs of the stuff – nearly one a day! How much is this baby eating? Is he six foot three?

Finally, this isn’t even the formal invite – that’s on the way soon – imagine what that will be like! Click the link to read the Bewildered Dad guide to the five things you learn before baby turns one, although ‘how to write a snotty email’ isn’t one of them.

Is there anyone reading this that finds that email perfectly reasonable? Leave your comments on it below, whatever your view.

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