Four Things That Made Me Feel Like a Dad This Christmas

This Christmas was special because our two-year-old Elsa was finally old enough to understand that, as long as she was good, there’d be a ton of presents coming her way. Not every parent is a fan of the Santa myth, but I reckon it’s a lot of fun and I can honestly say I have never seen her climb those stairs to bed quicker than on Christmas Eve as she eagerly anticipated the arrival of the rotund man in the red suit with an orange scooter weighing down his sleigh.

This Christmas also made me feel just like someone’s dad, which is just as well because I have been for the last two-and-a-half years. Here’s why:

The Christmas Afternoon Nap

I had the most amazing afternoon nap on Christmas Day, just like dads are supposed to. This wasn’t just a doze on the sofa in front of the Queen’s Speech though, it was a back to bed, two hour extravaganza. In fact, the three of us had a collective family Yuletide nap and it was glorious.

We have decided to spend the big day on our own since Elsa was born and it is a great opportunity to create your own traditions. A multiple-hour nap is a festive custom that I am looking forward to observing for years to come.

Receiving Dad Gifts

My mother-in-law dug these out for me for Christmas and there can be no  gift more befitting of a dad in the world.

Old school aftershave

Biting the Carrot

It’s difficult to not feel like a dad when you and your daughter put out treats for Father Christmas and Rudolph together and then you devour them later, purely to make sure the fantasy looks real. That is the only reason I necked the beer and gobbled down the mince pie. For Elsa’s sake. Honest.

However, it was taking a bite from the carrot in as close to a reindeer style as possible that really made me feel like someone’s dad. Watching her reaction when she saw the empty bottle, remaining crumbs of the mince pie and the now-ruined carrot was priceless. It turns out I make a good beer-swilling, greedy reindeer.

I’d Rather Sleep than Open Presents

When Elsa woke us up at 6:20am on Christmas Day, I was not ready to wake up and would have given anything for three more hours. On Christmas Day! How dad-like is that?

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