Hamleys and Argos Reveal the Big Toys for Christmas 2015

We’re past the summer solstice so, technically, the nights are now drawing in and apparently that means that we are now eyeing up Christmas in a very real and slightly scary way. If you’re still paying off the credit card bill for the Christmas 2014 toys, then you might want to click away rather than see the items that will be emptying your bank account this year.

High Street retailer Argos and Hamleys, the world’s oldest toy shop, have both issued their predictions for the must-have items for the forthcoming festive season this week and they are dominated by technology, Frozen and Thunderbirds. Here are some highlights:

Frozen ‘Skate and Sing’ Elsa doll

Disney’s monster animated hit shows no signs of disappearing any time soon, which is bad news for anyone who might have named their daughter Elsa a month before the film came out. Ahem. For £40 you get a remote controlled version of the snow queen that glides around, singing Let it Go. Obviously.

Batman Battery Powered Ride-in Batmobile 

For £250 your kids can drive their own Batmobile, which uses a 6v battery to zoom around the streets of Gotham City (or Stoke, depending on where you live), flashing its lights and blaring out music. Expect bruised shins if you buy this for your children.

Interactive Thunderbirds Tracy Island

Like the turning of the seasons or the announcement of ANOTHER Madness comeback tour, Thunderbirds is back (again) and, with it, comes the latest opportunity for the licence holder to develop a new, more expensive version of Tracy Island. This year’s effort comes with all the technological bells and whistles you’d expect, but you do have six months to make as good a job as possible with the standard Blue Peter toilet rolls and sticky-backed plastic if you’d like to avoid the £80 price tag:

LeapPad Platinum

It’s a £120 tablet device for kids that helps with learning, but also allows them to take selfies. No prizes for guessing which function they will use the most.

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