The Most Popular Baby Names of 2015…So Far.

Its not exactly scientific and it’s mainly USA rather than UK-focused, but I wanted to share the top baby names of 2015 with you – mainly because I’m relieved that Elsa isn’t on it. I have written extensively about how my daughter Elsa was named a month before the world had Frozen released upon it and our once-unusual name choice became one that would elicit “oh, like Frozen!” every time we introduced her to someone new.


Baby name site Nameberry has collated information, based on which of its entries have been viewed the most so far this year, to produce a list that, whilst probably not 100 percent accurate, might give us an inkling about what are going to be the popular monikers of 2015. Here are the top 10s for either gender:


  1. Ainsley
  2. Alivia
  3. Bryony
  4. Sasha
  5. Alina
  6. Tove
  7. Gaia
  8. Liliana
  9. Isobel
  10. Jocelyn


  1. Evan
  2. Kingston
  3. Owen
  4. Rhett
  5. Cameron
  6. Logan
  7. Brecken
  8. Colton
  9. Adam
  10. Angus

There you go. Apparently this is true and it’s not April the 1st or anything. Alivia? Really? Hmm.

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  1. Alivia?? Funny enough, my mum’s name is Alina (she’s 3/4 English and 1/4 Welsh) and now there are more Eastern European people living here I’ve heard of more Alinas whereas when she was younger mum didn’t know any others x

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