Hero of the Week – The Girl Who Took on Tesco

Things are not good for Tesco at the moment. After revealing to the world that their profit predictions are calculated by untrained monkeys with spreadsheets, they’ve just been – to use the internet parlance – “owned” by a 7 year old girl.

According to Buzzfeed News, Maggie Cole was shopping in a Dorset branch of the supermarket with her mum Karen when she noticed a promotional sign which she was less than impressed with. It was an advert for a superhero clock, bearing the legend: “fun gifts for boys”. As a fan of Superman, Spiderman and the Flash, Maggie suggested to her mum that the supermarket chain¬†was “being stupid” by suggesting that only boys were into superheroes.

Karen explained that Maggie ranted about being allowed to like what she likes and not being stereotyped. So incensed was her daughter that Karen tweeted a picture, expressing Maggie’s displeasure.


After the photo went viral, Tesco agreed to pull the advert from its stores.

On behalf of every parent of a girl who is faced with a sea of drippy, bland, pink dross in many high street stores, Maggie…we salute you!

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