How Fatherhood has Changed Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell says that his eight-month-old son Eric has brought colour, clutter and noise into his life according to an interview with Scotland’s Daily Record. Cowell’s Los Angeles mansion had once been a monochrome homage to old school Hollywood until Eric arrived on Valentine’s Day this year, bringing an element of chaos to the millionaire music mogul’s ordered life.

Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell looking smug. For a change.

Cowell admits that he finds bright colours “annoying” yet has relented and allowed Eric a red go-kart in which to tear around the white rose bedecked corridors of the Californian pile. He credits the infant with creating a “new energy”, adding that the presence of a baby makes the house feel more like a home despite the cutter that comes with a little’ un, which Cowell admits is restricted to certain rooms away from the main living quarters.

In a comment that will turn many Dads green with envy, the X Factor boss reckons that Eric has barely bothered him when it comes to catching up on his beauty sleep, explaining “the other night I heard him cry at 4.30 in the morning so I went up to see him and within five minutes he was back to sleep, happy again”.

For an account of baby sleeping patterns from a more usual point of view, have a read of this Bewildered Dad blog post.

As annoying as it may be, it seems that the only wailing you’ll hear emanating from a particularly smug Simon Cowell’s house any time soon will be the incessant warblings of the latest set of desperate X Factor hopefuls.

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