How to Be a 'Cool Parent'

A survey has been released suggesting the number one thing parents can do to be cool according to their teenage children is to respect their privacy. A thousand youngsters were questioned and also claimed having a decent car, taking them to gigs and cooking perfect roast potatoes added to their parents’ cool rating.

Having an Instagram account will make you “on point” (as I believe the kids say), as will having a music streaming account and the ability to still look good in jeans.

Looking through the list of 47(!) signs, more apply to me than I expected, but it’s a long 11 years until Elsa enters her teenage years so I’m not counting my chickens. It does give me plenty of time to save up to replace my decidedly-uncool Skoda with something less embarrassing for a teenager to be carted around in, although, seeing as how many of the points in the list suggest she’ll expect me to be a taxi service, maybe I’ll keep it and she’ll never ask.

Non-cool car

Here’s the full list compiled by Currys PC World and the percentage of the vote each sign received. How many fit the bill for you?

1. Respects your privacy 47%
2. Listens well 46%
3. Looks after you when you’re sick 43%
4. Lets your friends hang out at your house 40%
5. Drives your around 39%
6. Is cool about sleepovers 37%
7. Doesn’t go through your phone 36%
8. Helps with your homework / coursework 36%
9. Doesn’t tell you what to wear 36%
10. Takes you out for dinner 35%
11. Likes your group of friends 35%
12. Lets you learn by your mistakes 34%
13. Doesn’t smoke 29%
14. Always supports you in friendship dramas 29%
15. Is interested in your social life 29%
16. Picks you up from parties 29%
17. Cooks perfect roast potatoes 24%
18. Doesn’t kiss you in public 23%
19. Has a cool car 23%
20. Lets you have a sip of wine or beer from time to time 23%
21. Doesn’t hold your hand in public 23%
22. Is good at video / computer games 23%
23. Tells funny stories to your friends 23%
24. Knows the words to current pop songs 23%
25. Still looks good in jeans 23%
26. Takes you to concerts and gigs 22%
27. Lets you bring a friend on holiday 22%
28. Understand text lingo 21%
29. Takes you to sporting events 20%
30. Doesn’t sing or dance in public 20%
31. Lets you borrow their perfume / aftershave 20%
32. Happy to teach you to drive 19%
33. Plays cool music in front of your mates 19%
34. Knows the in-jokes and slang 19%
35. Watches Netflix with you 19%
36. Has a good hairstyle 18%
37. Doesn’t friend you on Facebook 18%
38. Drives quick but safely 18%
39. Has the latest iPhone 16%
40. Knows which bands are in the download charts 15%
41. Addresses your friends by their nicknames 14%
42. Takes you to the theatre / art galleries 12%
43. Has a music streaming account 12%
44. Doesn’t wear giant headphones 11%
45. Doesn’t put kisses on texts 10%
46. Doesn’t use emojis in texts 8%
47. Has an Instagram account 8%


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