Being a Dad is Dangerous – the Proof!

In a survey of 2,000 dads, 70 percent say they have suffered an injury whilst parenting, putting it up there with the most dangerous jobs in the world. On average, fathers suffer 22 injuries a year whilst performing their duties, a hit-rate that would have Health and Safety shutting down any business which posted similar figures.

A massive 56 percent of dads have stepped on a toy in just their socks, with 37 percent tripping over the playtime detritus that covers the living rooms of everyone with young children. There are more direct hits reported though, with 21 percent of fathers suffering an injury after being unexpectedly jumped on and 9 percent of those polled having been hit in the crotch.

Finally, in a move which only serves to back up the Peppa Pig assertion that fathers are lumbering idiots, 36 percent of dads have banged their heads whilst placing their children in the car.

Anything to add to this survey by insurance company There? Note your parenting injuries in the comments!

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