Just Bloody Vote – Register to Vote 2017

I don’t like to get all preachy, but I was shocked to hear that nearly 7.5 million aren’t registered to vote as we head towards the next general election on 8th June. In addition, 34% of people registered in 2015 didn’t bother voting, and only 43% of 18-25s exercised their democratic right.

That’s why I made this video:

This website is purposefully not about telling people what to do, mainly because, when it comes to parenting, you’d be a fool to think you had some kind of mythical universal answer; children don’t work like that.

However, when it comes to using your vote, I am adamant that everybody over the age of 18 should take part. Especially if you care about the world we leave our kids. I know who I’m voting for (clue: not this guy), but I’m certainly not looking to influence anyone or push them in any political direction, I just insist that you either vote for someone, or spoil your ballot paper if you want to protest.

Not registering or not turning up are not legitimate protests – no one knows you are protesting and they just presume you can’t be bothered. This is why swathes of the population feel they aren’t represented, because politicians pander to those who actual visit the polling stations. That’s certainly understandable, if not exactly in the true spirit of the position they hold.

You want them to listen? Vote for or against them!

How do I Register to Vote?

You can register to vote at the government’s website, BUT you need to do it by the end of the day on Monday 22nd May, or you will miss out. It is your chance to influence the decisions that affect every aspect of your life. Even if you think your favoured candidate stands no chance, every vote they get pushes them closer to the winner and means your MP has to take more notice of their opponents and their supporters, and it could influence how they vote in parliament over the next five years.

But My Vote Won’t Count, Will it?

Really? Really? If the 34% of the electorate who didn’t vote last time had clubbed together, they could have created the biggest party in the House of Commons (the Tories received 24% and Labour 20%) and could now be passing their own laws. Perhaps they could have introduced an X Factor-style voting app that meant they didn’t have to leave the house on election day.

Look, you didn’t come here to be ranted at, so I’ll leave you with this:


Now, go and have a look at a funny picture of some dogs.

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