More Kissing Equals a Happy Home Life

Research has suggested the more a couple kiss, the less likely they are to shout at their children and not just because their mouths are busy at the time. A study into fatherhood by NatCen Social Research, the University of East Anglia and the Thomas Coram Research Unit says that, although children are generally mortified by the very idea that their parents have ever even held hands, if mum and dad to take time to lock lips then home life tends to be happier.

More than 5,000 households in the UK were monitored in the study which discovered that, although 1 in 10 of those questioned admitted that they were “unhappy” or very “unhappy” with their partner, a similar amount claimed that their relationship was “perfect”.  Dads also come out of the survey seeming the most tolerant of the sexes, with 44% of men proclaiming that their other half “never” got on their nerves. Only 36% of women could admit the same.

The research also found that parents who regularly interact and work together on projects are more likely to talk to their children about important topics, clearly suggesting that Richard and Judy are the very model of modern parents.

(There’s no data on whether embarrassing your other half on the internet is helpful or detrimental to a relationship, though).

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