Peppa Pig to be Sued

Any parents who have had enough of Peppa Pig on constant repeat at their children’s request may take a perverse glee in hearing that the show is to be sued by an Italian woman who shares a name with a character in the show.


Gabriella Capra of Milan says that her life has been blighted by an episode where Peppa meets a new friend called Gabriella Goat. Goat is ‘capra’ in Italian.

The animated Gabriella shouts “pizza is an Italian food” in the show which is now a phrase that the human Gabriella says follows her around, along with bleating and various other goatly digs.

Italian law does offer protection for people’s names and television shows are normally very conscientious with disclaimers distancing their characters from any real people with the same name.

Capra’s representatives suggest that the makers of the show did not take enough care to avoid causing upset in this case.

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