Pokémon Go: A Beginner’s Guide

You may have noticed kids, and a large number of adults, roaming the streets, glued to their phones, attempting to catch creatures that suddenly appear on their screens. This is the phenomenon of Pokémon Go, an app that takes the cuddly cartoon characters in the real world. Sort of.

I was too old for Pokémon the first time round and, if you’re in the same boat, my two-year-old and I have done some research to let you know what the hell is going on with this latest craze. Have a look here:

There’s a lot of sniffiness around about the game, which I don’t understand. It’s not my thing but some people flaming love it. People complain when kids stay inside and play games, now they are whinging about games that take them out and about. Seriously, if they’re not interested in Pokémon Go then they can simply not play. It isn’t obligatory – it’s really easy to ignore. The same goes for those who get annoyed by Justin Bieber or One Direction – just don’t listen to them!

Some people spend their spare time following League One football (guilty!). Is that any less silly than capturing fake monsters? I think we all know the answer…

Anyway, I hope the video helps you understand a little of what the game has to offer – all shares are gratefully appreciated! Take a look at our Top Gear spoof too!

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