Quiz – Which Gogglebox Dad are You?

gogglebox dads

It’s the unexpected hit that just shouldn’t work…but it does! Gogglebox is you watching them, watching something else whilst commenting on it, bickering between themselves and eating vast amounts of terrible looking food.

As a dad related website, special attention has been paid to the foibles and eccentricities of the fathers in the programme. Their parenting styles vary wildly but which one do you resemble most closely? Here’s where you find out.

Could you be lairy Mr Tapper, smug Mr Michael or hangdog Mr Mr Woerdenweber? Take the quiz, work out who you are, leave a comment to let us know and share the quiz for others to take! Ace.

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Viewing on your phone/tablet? Can’t see the quiz? Take the Gogglebox dad quiz by clicking the link.

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