Six Signs You're a Subconscious Parent

There’s an old adage that anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad. In fact, you probably saw it pop up in your Facebook timeline about 300 times on Father’s Day. What they don’t mention is that to be a subconscious parent, it takes no effort at all – it just happens.

If any of the following apply to you, you are a subconscious parent:

1) The third person

Who's the daddy?

You’re having a chat with your other half and you refer to yourself as “daddy”. You are a subconscious parent.

2) Lunchtime


Did you make your partner’s packed lunch as a loving gesture? Did you cut the sandwiches into quarters? How’s that going to look to her colleagues in the office? You are a subconscious parent.

3) Be prepared

Wet Wipes

You’re ready to leave the house, having thrown three packets of wet wipes into your bag in preparation. However, you don’t have the kids today. You’re a lawyer and a muslin cloth trailing from your back pocket in court is not a good look either. You are a subconscious parent.

4) Careful now

Holding hands

Crossing the road, you reach out and grab his hand. Your mate Big Steve protests that he’s been crossing roads for 38 years perfectly safely and doesn’t need your guidance. You are a subconscious parent.

5) Viewing habits

Ra Ra the Lion

You are sitting on the sofa with CBeebies blaring out, mildly interested in Ra Ra the Noisy Lion’s latest escapade. The kids left three hours ago for a day out with their grandparents. Change the channel. You are a subconscious parent.

6) Too much information


You are blithely discussing the recent bug contracted by your youngest that saw frequent explosions from either end of the poor mite. Your childless lunch companion has turned green and pushed their penne arrabiata to one side. You are a subconscious parent.

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