Toilet Roll Dad Works His Magic with the Dishwasher

The Dad who posted an instructional video on YouTube to teach his teenagers how to change the toilet roll has struck again, this time providing guidance on filling the dishwasher.

The words ‘legend’ and ‘hero’ are overused on the internet when merely mentioning someone who has done something vaguely good, Will Reid however is possibly the first Bewildered Dad Hero® in recognition of his services to advanced parental sarcasm.

In the latest clip he thanks the public for the reaction to his previous musings and appeals to his kids James and Beth and other teenagers around the world to at least consider moving dirty pots from their rooms to the dishwasher. Having the youngsters merely place the items into the racks is Will’s main aim but he does offer an advanced option of inserting the dishwasher tab and using the buttons (“like those on your Xbox or PlayStation”) to actually turn the thing on.

At the time of writing the video has over 300,000 views and will surely continue to rise as parents insist that their teens sit still for 90 seconds to watch it through.

For more parental tips on YouTube, check out the Bewildered Dad guide to Hollywood fad, RIE Parenting.

Will, Bewildered Dad salutes you!

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