When The Brits Met CBeebies

I’m writing this during the Brit Awards and realising that, potentially, I may be a little out of touch nowadays. Obviously, that suggests that I was in touch at one point, which is debatable, but on this evidence I certainly seem to have missed out more than usual this year.

Being the dad of a toddler, one thing I am a lot more au fait with is CBeebies, a world that you might at first imagine was the polar opposite of the glitz and glam of the Brits. However, for one blog post only, today the two collide. I bring you…When The Brits Met CBeebies:

Best Group – Little Royzone

Little Roy is an Irish show that Elsa absolutely loves. It’s the tale of a cartoon boy living with a human family and I believe it’s based on a true story. Little Royzone sees Roy perform a touching duet version of Father and Son with the gloriously over-exuberant dad who regularly leaves no inch of scenery unchewed.

This works on two levels as well, because Roy’s neighbour Jimmy is played by Boyzone stalwart Keith Duffy. I’m pretty chuffed with that, I’m not even going to hide that.

Best International Group – Justin’s House of Pain

House of Pain were partial to jumping around, as the title of their 1992 suggested, but every single episode of Justin’s House ends with a plethora of pogoing that could easily give the Californian rap stars a run for their money.

In addition, if you can honestly say you wouldn’t pay cold hard cash to hear Justin and Robert the Robot spit some hip hop rhymes over some phat beats then you might want to check you still have a pulse.

Justin Fletcher Brits

Best Song – The Furchester Hotel California

“You can check out any time, but you can never leave” crooned the Eagles, “don’t check out, don’t check out, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, please don’t check out” implore the staff of the Jim Henson puppet show. This is the collaboration that was destined to happen.

If only the Eagles had considered adding in an extra verse that stated, “you really can’t be going, say it isn’t true, the Hotel California will never be as furry without you.” In many ways, that’s what prove that the Furchester Hotel is better than the Eagles.

Best Male – Tree Fu Tom Jones

A young boy who runs around a forest, getting up to high jinks with a pixie, busting some martial arts moves and talking with the voice of mid-fifties ex-Doctor Who assistant?

It’s not unusual…


Do you have any more to add? Stick them in the comments!

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