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Hi! Welcome to the new look BewilderedDad.com (apologies for the teething errors you might notice around the place). It seems fitting to launch the new site with a special announcement and who better than my two-year-old Elsa to deliver it? Take a look at the video:

The lyrics, if you didn’t catch them:

“Do you want to build a brother/ I will play with him all day / I could cuddle him and tickle him / what do you have to say?”

Yes, just as Elsa has begun to sleep in later and we can function like normal human beings again, we are having another. Baby boy is due on 20th February and I promise this isn’t just a way of ensuring I don’t run out of content for this blog.

Now the hard work begins – convincing Elsa that having a brother is better than having a sister. Oh, and choosing a name that Disney can’t steal. Suggestions?

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