Advice on Having a Second Child for Couple on State Handouts

Prince William has finished training with the East Anglian Air Ambulance Service and is not expected back at work until 1st June, meaning that he is essentially now on paternity leave. Of course, many dads have been taking holiday from work rather than try and exist on statutory paternity leave pay but, seeing as his gran is on the currency, William, Kate, George and bump should still manage to eat.

Of course, they probably waited to have their second until the Shared Parental Leave law came in to make things more convenient.

The current betting is skewed towards the royals having a girl, with Alice deemed the most likely name by the oddsmakers, closely followed by Charlotte and Elizabeth. After security checks were completed at the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s hospital near Paddington recently and parking restrictions put in place, odds on the child arriving this week were slashed.

There is currently no betting on whether William will managed to click the baby seat into place in one smooth action again like last time, but presumably he’s been practising to keep his eye in. With the world’s media watching, these things are important.

They say that when you have your first child you become a parent and with your second you become a referee, so go on all the neo-Graham Polls, what would your advice for the soon-to-be parents of a second child be? Leave your tips and suggestions in the comments.

*UPDATE* If you’re looking for gift ideas for newborns then click the link.

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