Unwilling Dad's Over-Honest eBay Listing for Pram

Those who insist that honesty is the best policy have clearly not read eBay user ukjoel25’s listing for a second hand pram. The unwilling dad claims in the advert’s description that he will be glad to see the buggy leave his premises, claiming that it signifies the end of his “happy carefree low cost child free life”.

He explains that he didn’t want children and that the purchase of the pram “signified my wife’s intent to have children…This buggy clearly meant she intended to have not just one but multiple children and the extortionate price of this buggy will stay imprinted on my brain till the day I die”.

Every parent is shocked by the price of prams when they begin to look for the right one to suit their needs, not to mention being   bewildered by the dizzying array available, but ukjoel25 goes one step further and suggests that his dad once bought a house for less than his wife paid for the pram. He goes on to explain his unhappy situation further, “I now have 3 children, and a Labrador and am forced to endure the school run where women I dont know try  and discuss the price of centre parc holidays, and the benefits of the micro over the mini micro scooter. To summarize my life is over and this green albatross needs to go round some other poor sods neck”. Cheery stuff, right?

As if this soap opera of a listing couldn’t prove any less tempting to potential purchasers, the seller then explains that “its had pretty much every bodily fluid known to science, (and several that have yet to be discovered) chucked over it by my children, Its also absorbed its own weight in Ellas Kitchen meals, and mud” before insisting that, “There are many adverts on here for immaculate models and these people are all liars and scoundrels as nothing that comes into contact with a young child is ever immaculate.”

It’s difficult to see this fella getting too far on The Apprentice this year.

For a dad with a slightly more positive eBay story, have a look at this bloke who auctioned his son’s football allegiance for a great charity.

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